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I found the interview with Kingslover to be irritating in that she sounded so certain she was "right", and yet I find the whole discussion both compellingly important, while also confusing.  Is all trade across regions problematic because of fossil fuels?  Or is only some of it problematic?  Are we ignoring the economic needs of developing regions when we focus on only consuming from our own, already rich regions?  Trade is hardly new, and yet many of the ethical food conversations seem to have the idea that food trade across regions is a new development.  What about the silk road?  What about the old salt trades?  Old fashioned economic theories focus on how trade can empower people to make the most of their own resources, by focusing on producing what they do best, and selling their excess to others, and then using the profits to diversify their resource base.  While this has its flaws, I am not sure that simply focusing on one's own region is necessarily the most ethical route to take.  I found your interview with Dan Barber to be more nuanced and thoughtful, but once again I do not find it necessarily obvious how I should make my own choices in the most ethical manner.  Most of all, I appreciated his focus on the reality that when one prepares their own food, one usually shifts toward more ethical consumption.  Please do keep these sorts of shows coming, because hearing these thoughtful folks reflect on their own choices is the best way for each of us to sort things out for ourselves.