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First, I am not an audiophile--a fact that should greatly influence how
seriously you should take my following comments, i.e., not very. But
when you mentioned a musician I immediately thought of Bono--but that's
a well-trodden path that probably isn't at all what you had in mind.
Then, oddly enough, I recalled an interview I heard on NPR with Pigeon
John. He was a fascinating guy. I have since read/listened to other
interviews and listened to two of his albums with much interest. I am
not at all a hip-hop fan (as evidenced by my knee-jerk reaction to think
of U2), but Pigeon John seems compelling on some level. He's
charismatic, spiritual, and his music seems to be infused with the joy
of life. I can totally see his fans experiencing his concerts in the
similar way that Evangelicals experience worship with a good set of
praise music.

Although my contact with Pigeon John doesn't lead me to think that he's
the type of person you'd do a show on--especially given how you're
seeking to approach the topic. Then again, maybe the interviewers I've
heard weren't asking the right questions. Anyway, perhaps he can make an
interesting secondary interviewee with a short segment at the end.

Just thought I'd share some out of the box thoughts.