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What I meant was you keep out anybody or anything that might question the very premise of Ms Tippett’s program –the notion that religious faith is to be exalted and celebrated; that it is somehow admirable to blindly believe things that fly in the face of logic and reason devoid of any evidence. The notion that religion –after having thoroughly discredited itself throughout history by underwriting barbarous acts and proclaiming demonstrable falsehoods true and demonstrable truths false -still deserves an honorary seat as an equal partner at the table of intelligent 21st century discourse.

Hecht and Epstein both toe that tepid Tippett party line and are therefore not only allowed on the show but are trotted out as token certified atheist talismans to ward of critiques of pro faith bias.

As big as you claim SOF’s “big tent” to be there appears to be no room for Messrs. Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens. Do you fear that when they apply the blowtorch of reason to your papier-mâché tent pole it will collapse? Your fear is well founded.

“Speaking of Faith is not all about "religion." It also is about "ethics, ideas, and meaning." I notice you’ve left out “truth”. Rightly so. That it is not about.

And yet, all that said, I still do believe SOF is deserving of any and all awards that can be bestowed on it because it is one of the best produced shows on radio. It comes even closer to achieving what Hollywood with multi million dollar budgets, spectacular special effects and stellar casts has often tried but failed to achieve: polishing a turd.