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What a fun treat to find this on the blog tonight. I *just* watched "A Sound of Thunder" with some friends tonight. It was a truly terrible (read: utterly delightful) movie about the tenuousness of the time-space continuum which featured what we dubbed "flying baboon-o-saurs". And as the final credits rolled, we saw, "Based on the Story by Ray Bradbury".


So we looked it up. The subtleties of the original story by Bradbury, which treats all of the things you mentioned in your post--chaos, the tenuousness of the known universe, etc, were totally lost in the movie version--certainly the aspect of sci-fi that is just looking into the funhouse mirror for amusement. Any attempt they made to say something grand flew out the window when the time waves affected the evolutionary chain in such a way as to create the flying baboon dinosaurs.

(Still, I can't in good conscience advise you not to watch it, because it made for a pretty great night.)