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I have given a lot of thought to the topic of the human animal bond. I have handled five Seeing Eye Dogs, and live with two cats who have just helped me through a bout with mouse phobia. I would like to see a different approach taken if this program is created. I think an "expert," in this field the behaviors and various training techniques out there for domesticated animals and their people. I also think the insights of people who have relationships with different types of domesticated animals would be interesting such as; pets, service animals, canine core dogs, someone who has worked with animals that were resuced from Katrina and returned to their people, etc. There are many people who could fill the spot of the "expert," including the two that have been mentioned in this blog. Also, Karen Pryor, behaviorist and ethologist,, a trainer of a guide dog, the woman who wrote animal angels, someone who works with search and rescue dogs. There is so much misinformation out there about dogs and their relationships to humans. Did you know dogs generally, (not all) don't like hugs, at least the way humans do it? Would you like somebody who is a whole lot bigger than you towering over you and putting your arms around their neck? would be good to hear from, and I think an "expert," could provide insight into the bond a d discussion about how animals think, and how we think they think. My five Seeing Eye Dogs have each been so different and each has tought me so much in different ways about myself. I trust them every day to guide me safely across streets, through traffic, around obsticles and through crowds. At some point, the nexis of training and bonding come together a and things begin to happen that were'nt part of the training, but the dog starts to figure out for itself. that would There is definitely a spiritual componant in this relatioship for me. Dogs read people much better than we read them. I hope you will pursue this idea. open up