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On Jan/09/10 Humboldt Co., California had a 6.5 earthquake, in certain parts, around the Humboldt Bay marina the damage was very severe. As a native California, and having lived in active earthquake areas all of my life, this was a very strange one. Among other things, the normal flocks of Aleutian geese, seagulls, pidgeons, sparrows - they all disappeared aprox. 24 hours before the shaking started, and I have not really seen that many return. I have never read nor head any in depth study on this subject, especially regarding birds, cats and dogs (maybe horses, too).

As a I reading below, I would like to mention that here in Arcata, California, the Mad River Community Hospital has a service cat in residence, who is in charge of visiting patients, kitty has a private room on the hospital grounds. Also, I know of a Catholic brother, who gives his homilies with animals on the steps of the sanctuary. My church, in Zapopan, Jal. Mexico was graced with hundreds of swallows inside and out, especially giving meaning to our liturgical celebrations.