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I have studied the human animal bond quite a bit am currently at CUNY Hunter Masters program in animal behavior. James Serpell at UPenn is the foremost expert on the subject- and has more spiritual insight than you might think.A lovely man who I spoke qwith extensively at a conference at Green Chimneys in Brewster NY. Green Chimneys works with human animal bond therapies to aid the treat ment of emotionally challenged children- there is a farm and animal rehab as well as a school, and vegetable garden. A geat place.

The other person that might be a nice fit is Linda Tellington Jones who developed Tellington Touch first with horses then companion animals. A hands on healing technique loosely based on Feldekrais priciples- I have see shelter dogs become wonderful companios in a few sessions. Linda has worked all over the world with every kind of animal. She is vibrant intelligent and spiritually focused, The show idea is great- you might also check out the publication AnthroZoos- it is a good resource for human/animal bond research.
Best and better
Leila Gastil