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I am a 2nd year Masters student in Animal Behavior at CUNY Hunter. I have studied the human animal bond for several years- Two guest suggestions: Dr. James Serpell at UPen is pretty much the foremost expert on this. He heads up the International AnthroZoology Association and is more spiritual than his academic pedigree might suggest. I have met him several times and heard him lecture. He is a lovely British man with both a historical and research body of knowledge and of course good anecdotes.
The other person who has long been involved in this area is Linda Tellington Jones who developed Tellington touch a hands on healing method- based on the principles of Feldenkrais. Her work was first with horses and then companion animals. I have been trained in the companion animal version. I trained mostly with shelter dogs at Best Friends animal Society in Utah and what impressed me most was that unlike other training- Tellington touch restored a dignity and calm sense of self- in space and in relation to the other beings around. Brilliant work, Tellington is practiced all over the world. Either one or both of these people would make a wonderful, insightful-compelling show. And yes- I love "Speaking of Faith", Thank you.