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Kate - thank you for your loving tribute to your mother, and your own insights about these past three hundred and sixty SIX days (and counting... courage and joy to you). I've come to recognize your voice reading out excerpts on various SOF programmes these days, and will now associate your readings with some of the story you've shared.

I've read some of the things from Brennan Manning about his own relationship with addiction to Alcohol. I have only read a few of his books - and I know there are many more. One of the things that's always remained with me was his raw retelling of his own times when he fell to the bottom of things. Mind you, I have always remembered the Basil Brave Heart SOF story with particular clarity - his retelling of the period when he felt the presence of his ancestors was such an insight into his view of the hereafter - simple, earthy and beautiful.

Who would I interview? I wondered if Gene Robinson would be interested in speaking of his time in a treatment centre lately - it might help move discussion 'about' him and his orientation to conversation 'with' him as a human being who lives with giftedness and limitation. It would also be interesting to move the subject away from the fanfare of the 'what-to' about addiction (i.e. - what are you addicted to? alcohol, drugs etc.) to an exploration about the innate sense of attachment that many people identify with - the little (and large) addictions that all of us can experience - ones that are deemed acceptable, and ones that are deemed taboo. What is it in us that attaches (or addicts) itself to external things?

All that said - I'll look forward to the programme! Best wishes to you all as you search out fodder for a future broadcast. And, as always, many, many thanks to you and all the SOF team.