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(Whop!) I've been hoping SOF would consider this topic. But only one?

This being MN, you've contacts galore, but I'd like to see you NOT do a show that could be done by others with the same-old same-old voices. Not that they're not worthwhile, but I guess I'd hope for a bit more from SOF. I know where I'd start in order to get names, but then tradition 11 rears it's head.

It's hard for me to be cohesive in a blog setting, but a number of base topics come to mind, including "practical spirituality," and "cure versus healing." AA (and likely most of the other -As) takes a very pragmatic approach to spirituality...does it work? Is there any difference in the "spirituality" of the program compared to traditional (religious) communities? Does it matter?
You probably don't want to do historical, but Willmar is just down the road...I'll bet there're still some old-timers out there.

I sense a wide variety of solutions being employed toward spirituality in the groups I attend.
Some read the Tao, some go back to church, some seem content with meetings, some become enamored with particle physics. Personally, I read a wide variety of things: program literature (the "how-tos"), some sacred texts, E. Kurtz, and (currently) someone named Tippett.
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