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I so appreciated Kate Moos' reflections on her mother, Marva Moos, whom I knew when she worked at Petter's Fabric Store in St. Coud, Minnesota, in the 1960s. She was a perky, small woman with bright dark eyes that met yours with obvious welcome and warmth. I visited her and
her family once in their home on Kilian Boulevard. What I remember is a spacious room with a large table around which we sat to talk and books, books, books!

Her husband, Dr. Phil Moos, was my dentist. An annual visit to his office was enjoyable because
he talked about fishing on the Mississippi, books he was reading, like Thomas Wolfe, and his
hobby of jewelry making. I'll always be grateful to him for saying, "You really deserve to have that
front tooth capped, because you're a teacher and stand in front of a classroom of students every day."

I taught half of the Moos family: Margaret, Rebecca and Martha. I knew Mary, Kate and Joe as well.
Whatever it was, those unusual parents, all the books in the house, something in the genese, they
were a breath of fresh air in and outside the classroom!

Katherine Kraft, OSB