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My sons and I mixed art and religion in a great way during the Christmas season in 2007. I wrote a lengthy story about a father telling his children a story about a shepherd who didn't make time to go to the manger. My 11 year old wrote music for six short songs that went along with the story and helped me record the story and songs. My 8 year old made sculpted beeswax characters for many of the characters in the story--including the shepherd and a priest. My 11 year old then took the beeswax characters and some other characters from nativity scenes my wife owns and took still photographs. We put together an elaborate slide show with the story, music, and pictures. It helped me to think about the nativity story in new ways and examine my own convictions about making time for spirituality. It was a great family experience. And we got to mix art and religion at three levels. Given taht the AVAM is in Baltimore, maybe it is something about Baltimore as that is where we live.