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music.  a favorite song or singer.  pets that she loved, or if she loved animals, a pet therapist visit.  reading to her the things she loved to read or hear about.  comfort.  comforting things.  a favorite quilt or blanket.  If she is truly at the 'end stage' and perhaps has only days or weeks, she may be like my mother, who seemed to want peace most of all.  the quiet of a darkened room.  a soft and gentle kiss on the cheek.  but even the smallest physical thing seemed to pain her at the very end.  a hush.  quiet respect.  and love.  however that looks.  trust yourself to 'know' in moments.  trust your intuition.  And trust that however she was in life - if she preferred to be alone w/pain or was very private - she may prefer to be in solitude and quiet at the end.  This seemed to soothe my mother, even as I was hard pressed to accept that she was leaving.  So I sat simply and quietly with her, and journaled or read silently what comforted me, and took my meals outside her hospice room.  And she left quietly.  Her face was completely at peace after she had gone.  Her mouth was open with the effort of gasping for air.  But the rest of her face was completely at peace.  

I hope this helps.  God bless you both.