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My 92 year old mother-in-law also has dementia. I have been her fulltime caregiver for just over a year now, A few months after her husband died, we moved her out of assisted living where she wasn't doing at all well, and back to the house they had lived in since their retirement thirty years ago. She has done much better in many ways, since that move, but the dementia persists and the Alzheimer's progresses, nonetheless. Car rides, ice cream and pie, and lots of naps seem to be her greatest comforts, and I make sure she has all on a regular basis.
We had one particularly revealing moment shortly after moving her back to her house. She was intent on "going home" many times a day at the time, meaning her childhood home in Tennessee. At times, when I could not take her outside or allow her to go out alone, she would sometimes get indignant and say, "Who do you think you are?" One day, it came out as, "Who do you think I am?" I responded, "Who are you?" She answered,  "A little girl."