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So then, now what?  Like every generation, not just your own, you have had a coming of age and a realization of the fallenness of mankind.  Which generation has not? . I challenge the statement of the quote's second paragraph. Recall the Vietnam era, recall the scandals of Nixon and North. What is meant by "out of my way"?   for you to do what? to be what?   The fact that you are incensed by events and failures of the previous generation is a good thing---apparently someone of that same generation taught you some sense of decency and morality.  Is it just your generation that is livid by events? Our generation, like every generation, has never been unified in spirit or in purpose, and we have had to deal with similar b.s. among ourselves, let alone from the previous generation.  Out of the way? to do what, to be what?  Just step up and join with like-minded people of any generation to fight hypocrisy, to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.