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Yet another post from staff here attacking conservative Christianity, and showing deep ignorance of it. Is this a conscious plan to post uninformed, negative comments about conservative spirituality and positive ones about liberal spirituality, or is it something the staff is willfully overlooking?

Where does Mr. Hoodwin get his idea about the spirit of the Word? It seems from the wording as though he gets it from scripture, or rather a particular interpretation of scripture. Others read the same scripture differently. While that may illustrate his complaint about scripture, that it can support any opinion, it hardly gives him a good basis for criticizing those who read it differently than he does.

He's essentially calling for people to dump what scripture says, except for the point he wants to draw from it, and "go directly to what is right." But that's what those who rely on scripture believe they're doing. They believe scripture to be God's direct word to them about what is right. And so it seems Hoodwin does as well, at least on the point he likes.

What would it entail to go directly to what is right apart from relying on scripture? It would seem to involve some direct revelation or intuition of the Good, which I can assure Hoodwin can be used just as effectively to support any opinion.

Mouw believes his views are entailed by unconditional love. Until Being (the show) can figure this out, and start to uncover and dismantle its deep and overpowering bias, no discussion about this will go very far, and the show will not be living up to its pretensions about exploring "Being." It will rather continue to promote a partisan, partial, and polarizing view.