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What strikes me first in this debate, as in some others, is the ignorance, the lack of thoughtful understanding, a basic level (not a Ph.D. level) of scholarship and scholarly curiosity.

Then I get a little sarcastic, internally. "So, stop doing the yoga and have your followers stop, too. My friends and I will make room in our lives to push your wheel chairs and help you with your walkers even while you condemn us to the hellfires of your imagination."

What strikes me second is how any public play in the press of this teapot tempest curls its fingers around the minds and attentions of the rest of us and squeezes the bejeezus out of us. It's a kind of counter-counter-counter reformation with a hundred not-so-grand inquisitors.

What I urge KT on Being to do with this is to take up the "mountain pose" and to do a "sun salute;" in the words of one of my favorite (and unfamous) yoga teachers, "Now lift your hearts up!" (and she meant it literally). And tap the scholarliness, curiosity and wisdom of deeper thinking Christians, including Roman Catholics (with their genuflecting yoga and ordination prostrations) as well as of Jews (with their yoga of davening), Muslims (with their physical yoga of salaat), Tibetans (with their kum nye form of yoga and 100,000 prostrations) and yoga adepts to lift the conversation to a higher level. Do not yoke yourself to the argument culture of contemporary America. Continue to life our hearts up.

These statements by these particular Christian leaders, one of whom should know better rather than "no" better (Mouw) are just plain ignorant (ignoring what could be known with more penetrating thought) and stupid (living in a stupor).

KT, TG and on Being do know better. Continue to live into your knowing, and be awares but ignore-ant of these stupidities.