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I didn't expect yoga to be viewed as such a threat to Christianity but I suppose I can understand the concerns it raises for Dr. Mohler. I gather Dr. Mohler believes Christianity requires a purity of thought and an absolute indoctrination. That is certainly one way to practice Christianty but I don't believe it leaves much room to discern God's true voice within us, or to embrace those different than ourselves. I can't help but wonder whether Dr. Mohler may fear that God's voice is faint and he/she (God) can easily be overpowered, thus the need to avoid something such as the "practice" of Yoga. I have come to believe the greater our fear of being led astray, the greater the likelihood that there exists within us, parts of ourselves we disavow. I don't write this with disrespect toward Dr. Mohler, but for me, he raises more questions than he answers.