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I do not agree with Dr. Mohler. I do not know much about him personally, but I believe, the following speculations may be relevant to him and his Southern Baptist denomination, convention, members and followers.

His niche followers are very conservative Christians with the following characteristics: they watch Fox news; they are tea party members; they live in the south and Southeastern United States; they are predominately middle age white males; they are conservative republicans; they supported the racist interracial dating policies of Bob Jones University, in Greenville, South Carolina,and they are against health care reform.....etc.

I believe, the Southern Baptist Convention is align with his Southeastern Seminary, and as recent as 1995 they apologized to blacks for racism. The history of his denomination is replete with racism in all forms. For example, his denomination condoned and perpetuated slavery.

If you Google, " Southern Baptist Convention Apology" you will find 122,000 results. Why did it take Southern Baptist so long to repent and apologize to blacks?

In my research, I discovered that scholars like Dr. Mohler back during slavery, used the bible to condone slavery. If the Bible condoned the type of slavery practiced in America and condoned by Southern Baptist, why did Southern Baptist apologized in 1995 to Blacks for obeying the bible? What Changed?

Can anyone recall Dr. Mohler making statements to his followers about how demonic divorce is. Surely Satan must be the cause of all divorce? or how about gluttony; the bible has lots of bad stuff to say about gluttony from Exodus to Jude; what is the average body fat and Body Mass Index (BMI) of members in the Southern Baptist Denomination? Statistics indicate most Americans are overweight, and since most Nominal Christians in America,(not all Christians in America) are Nominal and Worldly, who copycat secular world views from divorce to entertainment, except Worldly Christians go to church on Sundays for two hours. After church they try to catch up to the World, by going to all you can eat buffets and entertaining themselves to death watching football games on their big screen, High Definition Televisions, for the balance of the Lord's Day. They call that "keeping the Sabbath Holy" We just may have some demonic, football game, idol worship going on here.

Why do I believe the above may be true? Some Christians like to copy the popular world view. For example, Christian divorce rates are equal or greater than non Christian divorce rates.

Therefore, I speculate that odds are in favor of Southern Baptist meeting or exceeding obesity rates of non Christian Americans? Obesity is caused by over eating and lack of physical activity. so the real anti-Christ is not yoga, but Food, lack of exercise and physical activity (laziness), HDTV and Sunday Football games.

Therefore Southern Baptist are not being good stewards of their temple (body) in which God dwells, by means of the Holy Spirit. That just may be Demonic!!

Now that I think about it; I further speculate, that very few Southern Baptist practice yoga, or any kind of regular exercise. Yoga is not a Southern Baptist Christian problem. if the world has been as successful infiltrating and proselytizing Southern Baptist in regards to food and lack of exercise, like they have been with getting them to divorce, Southern Baptist are not doing yoga, because they are not exercising period; they are eating when they should be exercising.

Instead of focusing on yoga, I continue to speculate Dr. Mohler should focus on issues relevant to his niche Southern Baptist followers, over eating which is gluttony, and lack of physical activity which is laziness, and not keeping the Lord's Day holy by watching football games in HDTV. After tackling those issues he can focus on anti-Christ yoga stuff.