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For me, there are a few litmus tests for spiritual maturity. But these are not doctrinal, but rather behavioral. For example, the presence/absence of contempt. Contempt (valuing the Other--be it a person, animal, object--as worth-less than myself) elicits even more contempt among all but the most advanced spirits.

Or another example: fear. This man exhibits both of these and, therefore, forfeits the right to be listened to.

His own revered writings state clearly, "God has not given us the spirit of fear" and that we should consider our brother as more important than ourselves.

So, to spread fear and to demean other's beliefs/practices seems to contradict this man's own beliefs.

It is not possible to discuss specifics such as the benefits/liabilities of a practice such as yoga with a person in such a state of confusion. First, we would have to discuss the underlying belief structure and see if there is common ground to even begin a discussion.

My experience is that Fundamentalists have created such an air-tight dogma, that it takes some sort of catastrophic break-down (usually some type of overwhelming mental/physical suffering) to help them reorient to what is actually the Real.