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I appreciate Trent Gilliss' approach to listen to all voices. When I was a yoga devotee totally immersed, I too would have dismissed Rev Mohler as ignorant and benighted. What I would recommend for someone like Mohler is to talk with people who actually practiced the spiritual aspects of yoga and then returned to Christianity. There are philosophical differences. And some of the yoga organizations in the West are not just teaching exercise, they are bringing the more esoteric teachings (most of which are quite beautiful and profound) - but in the organization to which I belonged, there was a particularly Western twist added. We were told not to "interfere with the karma of others," which would have led someone like Seane not to intervene with young prostitutes and consign them to being lost. Other times I heard that wealth is "deserved from past lifetimes," and if you took that to its logical conclusion, that means hedge fund billionaires "deserved" to affect the global economy, and those of us harmed by their actions "deserved" our karma. Any teaching, Christianity or yoga, Islam or Buddhism, can be twisted by the purposes of those who claim to follow it. I think we do have to go beyond labels of "demonic" but ask, is there a difference between a redemption faith like Christianity and a work-on-yourself belief system such as many yoga teachers in the West propound (sometimes with more or less ties to Hindu beliefs and practices)? There's certainly a difference between Seane Corn and many people I knew in yoga, who only believed in "working on their own consciousness," including accepting social wrongs without doing anything about them.