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I believe others have been derided by Driscoll and Mouw's stark accusations towards yoga practice. Many people- Christian and non-Christian alike find yoga to be an energizing, body awakening, healing practice. It restores balance and health in the minds and bodies of people, and promotes relaxation which is being found to greatly reduce health risks in people. I believe in the power of relaxation and it's beneficial effects on our minds and bodies. Excess stress in the body I believe is a leading cause of much dis-ease. People need to create the space to release stress, and relax their minds- yoga is one way that space is created. Now christians who practice yoga may be stressing over whether it is right or wrong for them to be doing it, when before it was simply a time to release and let go. I encourage them to continue their yoga practices for the sake of their livelihood, health, and well being. :)