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Talking about the end of time in this body, on this earth, is sooo important. In the hospital setting - almost everyday I encounter people on the edge of death or they have had a near death experience. The really unfortunate problem is that most of the time the patient does not get to process their state of disease with anyone. The MSW staff is concerned only with getting the patient discharged to the next level of care. The Chaplains are few and sometimes they are volunteers. The MD's and RN's hardly have sitting time to discuss options and risks of various treatments. The conversation should be more than a 5 minute standing explanation -to the family and patient. It is a rare situation when a patient has approached this topic of death or life on a vent, etc - when they were healthy. Families could benefit from discussing these topics earlier in life - or at the very least - no one should be admitted in the hospital without a living will or some type of make sure their wishes are followed. Too often - tests, surgeries, treatments- chemo and radiation- and procedures continue to be done on patients without really informing the patients and families about the risks and benefits. What's the Prognosis - is the question to ask. And then the family can educate themselves as much as possible. Fear of the end is so sad to witness. There is so much to learn - other perspectives - from Hinduism, etc where we can have less fear of the end of this time - in this body. Take good care. Blessings to you as you educate us.