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If I look at death as a doorway, with life as I know it here on the front side of the doorway, then this article does such a great job of describing many of the issues that lie on the front side of the doorway, and that we’ve run away from as a society. Without a doubt, the issues are enormous and we should have them on the table.

I think that one of the reasons why we have avoided these “front of the door” issues is that we are so uncertain and anxious about what happens on the other side of the door. The spiritual perspective and “faith” that each person holds will drive what they might be willing to see or expect on that other side of this doorway.

It seems pretty unlikely that much progress can be made in solving the issues and questions on the front side of the doorway without first addressing the back side of the doorway questions.

I’ve recently published a book (Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty) that deals with this issue - that “doorway of transformation”. While I don’t feel like I answer many questions, I do attempt to at least set the table for thought and discussion centered on the concept of dying from the perspective of spirit.