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For anyone who objects to the building of this proposed mosque near ground zero there is something of great significance you should consider. By holding onto your anger, your suspicions, your doubts, your fears regarding this project, and Muslims in general, you are giving a few Islamist terrorists power over you and your life; over your ability to make decisions that can help lead to greater unity and peace in the world. Instead of being able to act from a true, heart-felt knowing of what is right and what is best for all, you are instead allowing yourself to be limited to reacting in a selfish, knee-jerk manner. You are declaring your inability to strive towards the highest standards of humanity and instead you are regressing to primal, tribal survivalism.

Our calling is much higher than that. We have an opportunity, and even an obligation, to rise to -- it is to strive towards and uphold the highest of civil, legal, human and spiritual ideals. This is true on a purely rational basis if we wish to consider this matter solely on legal and Constitutional grounds. It is also true when we consider this from the standpoint of what will ultimately be best for us as individuals, as a country, and as members of humanity in general. It is even more true when considered from a truly spiritual point of view - as differentiated from the points of view held by any particular organized religions.

If we reject this opportunity to accept, and even to encourage and assist, the building of bridges that will help facilitate our deeper connections with the world's Muslims, it will be a great loss -- a hindrance to the healing that can and will take place if we can only be open to it. This mosque needs to be built and we all need to at least accept it with open minds even if we might not be able to embrace it with open hearts. If we can come together and do that, a great healing can result from this -- a healing that we all desperately need.