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Yes, the onslaught of religio-dogmatic-based terrorism in today's very rational, scientific world is enough to jerk agnostics out of their slumber and launch a full bore a-theistic movement in order to quell such rationalizations for violence. But, I submit, beliefs go intimately with the territory of being human. That is, without them, we're not going to be more 'civilized' -- it may just be that actions are less coherent, less effective, more instinctive, more gut, less frontal cortex. There is a big range in beliefs: from pure, intolerant ideology based to a loose collection of of maybes. Either way, tightly-held or easily given away, beliefs are embedded in the history of each person. Beliefs actually create identity. Beliefs are not to be treated lightly. I am respectful of a person's identity and curious about their beliefs. Often people are sincerely unaware of their belief system. And, I have the 'gift of fear' - Gavin deBecker. I am aware of my own survival in the face of hatred, intolerance and violence.