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I love this. This new scientific knowledge (thinking of Doris Taylor here) finally caught up to what many of us already felt we knew: that the individual is empowered by all possibilities, and your own so called "limits," are in fact minimal at best. The brain is plastic and therefore, we can all grow, change, expand, most importantly, adapt.

I remember when I first started having my Dad listen to SoF podcasts in the car, he would say: "Wow Toby, my brain feels like it is working so well right now." The stories and thoughts of guests on SoF were so challenging and engaging for him, it must have activated portions of his brain not oft used, or made new connections. More specifically, I think it was the "Biology of the Spirit" w/ Dr. Nuland and John Danforth on "Conservative Politics and Moderate Religion" episodes that really got him going. (He is a former minister in a conservative evangelical church.)

So, Trent, you guys are accomplishing what you least in my small anecdote.