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Shalom Krista et. al. When I think of creation, I too, am filled with awe and wonder (ala Abraham Heschel). However, as a liberation theologian committed to healing the world (tikkun olam) through concrete "Christian Praxis", I feel the restless zeal of the Hebrew prophets who were never comfortable with the "status quo" and thus, I am compelled to address the sicknesses which plague our planet, our people, and our future. As H.L. Mencken said about the craft of journalism: "My job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted." Walter Brueggemann also writes cogently about the prophetic imagination and our need to challenge "Empire Theology". I am not trying to be cynical when I find semantic jousting over words like "bara", but I do think that since God has done her part by creating the world, it is now up to us to create something like community, diversity, tolerance, and an ethics of environmental stewardship. Remember in B'reishit (Genesis) that when God was finished with her work, she grabbed a beer, sat down in her barcalounger and thought, "It is all good, very, very, good". Let's not mess it up folks - Rick Folker Kansas City
"Si tu quieras la paz, trabaja para justicia" - Pope Paul VI