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Who created God? If something was there, before God, did God create this or was this something there before God, herself? We have here a mystery, and it is profound. But I do believe, deeply, that all words are "divine" and that God herself/himself, created language, and this is for us to probe and like disrobing, the robe in probe itself, it's a neverending mystery that just keeps unfolding, like the "rose". The sun, a "rose" this morning.

I am following a profound and beautiful story that has everything to do with the potential of words, so yes, to BARA, and now we have BARA CK, and who knows whether he will do the Noble Thing in promoting world peace or whether it will be the "No Bell" prize.

Why is it we can, all of us, use this miraculous clay, the alchemy of language?

I am saying it's divine, and to ask that question, is to open more doors than you can possibly imagine. And I would say, in deep ways, I have been tossed some of those keys. Life is a door, life is adore.

Is there proof of the existence of God? Maybe it's time to take a closer look at the miracles in our own lives and wonder, what is it, moves us, E motion itself?