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God created the universe and who created God have been debated in every religion. The problem is that humans write religious scriptures, whether they are revealed or not. Humans cannot conceive time except in a linear, consecutive increment and therefore we ask questions such as when the world was created, or what was before the world was created, etc. In the phenomenological sense and in this three-dimensional world view, we will continue to ask such questions. Many masters and seers in many ancient religions speak about the experience when time is experienced as NOW. The past, present and future exist as now and it can be experienced as such. All reincarnations exist simultaneously; and all events occur and can be experienced simultaneously. The world is becoming, meaning it is always being created.
The idea that God created man in his own image or the idea that God created the world from nothing are questions that show human limitations. Alternatively we will think of spirit or alien forms that have similar capabilities as us but may have superhuman capabilities as best we can imagine. We cannot conceive of multi-dimensional personalities or existences, or non-physical worlds, or worlds where time does not exist as we know it because we continue to use our cognitive faculties to answer these questions.
Mystics and many seers have experienced “god” but they recognize that to express it in human language distortions will occur. Therefore, they encourage experience over scriptural studies, and provide guidelines to help understand if experience is “real” or not. They also recognize that each person will have a different experience of “god”.