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MEA CULPA . . . Mea Culpa . . . the ashura ritual could be the origins of the lighter "beating of the chest" an action familiar to Catholics practicing in the 50's & 60's . . .and 70's ? The discussion which Vali Nasr lead today was quite interesting . However I was incredulous as I listened to his conclusion. He mentioned that the youth of Iraq and Iran, and alas, the Middle East in general; wanted the same things that could be experienced in Dubai today. Apparently, the newly "democratized" countries of the Middle East would be enjoying MALLS . . . just like all the rest of the capitalistic societies. Ironically just today there were random shootings at a Mall in America on the West Coast.
Is this what the spiritual evolution of these religious sects will ultimately conclude. The MALLING of America may effectively become a MAULING not unlike the barbaric behavior of what the civilized world accuses the UN-civilized. Mr. Nasr's conclusion seemed very shallow to me !