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Krista, I hope the IKEA trip went well. I got up to my cabin in Pennsylvania and had a great couple of days myself, reading and writing. I finished reading your book (took lots of notes), Nikolai Grozni's "Turtle Feet: the making and unmaking of a Buddhist monk' (have you read it?) and Michael Lewis's "Moneyball." (In Bethel seminary I appropriated the phrase "recreational reading" to describe the aching need many of us had to read something other than religious books. "Moneyball" certainly qualifies as being off target in seminary.)
I have a question for you. What was it that made you want to go to Yale Divinity School? It seems that you zipped from becoming disatisfied with your diplomatic career and stop off in England, to going to Yale. Were you interested in the pastorate? In church academics? To find out about your relationship with God? All of them or none of them" For myself, it was to go into the church ministry but 2 1/2 years later I found that wasn't quite what I wanted to do. So, instead of the M. Div. I wrapped up an M.A. in theological studies about six years after I left the seminary.
I enjoy listening to your show. I download it onto my iPod and listen when I have hour-long chunks of time, which doesn't seem to happen often enough. I appreciate hearing the perspective of people whose faith tradition differes so much from my own. Now, unlike Karen Armstrong's "freelancing", I find myself to be more of an ecletic with a strong (though I'm finding not an exclusive) base in Christianity. I don't remember if it was in your book or a recent broadcast, but I agree with the sentiment that "This is the truth that works for me."
Thanks for all you do.