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Maia, your statement "The numbers of the deal only reflect that value of society"-- if meant the way I read it-- speaks to Trent's point.  The 'one' has value for me and mine, the many 'others' are just that, 'other' and thus a faceless mass.  Because no one looks good in all of this on going imbroglio (other than through massive spin) it is pointless to claim high moral ground.  All parties are guilty, to a greater or lesser degree, of sins of commission and ommission.  I think we could all do better at looking at these problems by invoking the old Native American proverb "Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins".  To do that we have to do what is so deeply a part of our own culture, namely to look at the individual.  To Trent's point, we, without referring to anybody else, are not doing that.  That is an act of omission.