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@Dafka - Thank you for your comment and research on this story. It is great that people are interested enough in these issues to do further research. If wish there were more people like you.

However, the article that you cited from the J-Post is from 2007, and although the court declared the wall illegal, the wall still remains in 2011 and effects the Arab community of Lod. The article does cite crime as an issue, and provides links to three well balanced sources - The Economist, NPR (National Public Radio) and the J-Post. These links were given for further reading. As someone who has been to Lod, it is a very tragic story there and it is necessary to report the voices of disenfranchised people, as they are not often given a platform. Yes, there are great Israelis who obviously do not support the wall. But, this story is about how the people living on the other side of the wall feel, how it effects their lives, and how the Israeli government (not the Israeli people) have handled it.