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When the truth is exposed Americans will make the right decisions.

Kill the enfilades. First kill all Jews. Anyone that doesn’t agree with them, Means we can’t be Christians or we will be killed! They are trying to take over the world and convert us. If we convert we live if we don’t we are tortured and killed. No human rights for women no jobs, no school, and no rights. They are taking over their region as I text. They’re here too. We are headed to a war. It will be a war unlike the world has never seen. And we will win. The body count will be in the millions, and millions. For we are the enfilades. They hate us!!! When your sons and daughters don’t come home you may think differently about a people that say they want us dead. Open your eyes and read about it. All of it, not just some Christians holding hands protecting people who want us dead.