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Yes. What impressed me most was not only what the Egyptians accomplished, but how they accomplished it - with cooperation, self-respect, and generally non-violence. The calls of "peace, peace" keep echoing over the square, evidently, even when the thugs were attacking with fire, horses, camels and sticks. And their reaction was to organize, to set up checkpoints to keep arms out of the square. I was so afraid that violence would erupt on Thursday after their huge disappointment at Mubarak's announcement - but even then, they stayed together, determined, calm. It was remarkable. And then this massive show of responsibility in cleaning up the city! That never happened in any demonstration I was ever involved in. This certainly has to change some people's rigid ideas about the Arab world. We have a lot to learn from these people. I remember after 9/11 how kind Americans briefly were to each other. I hope that feeling of solidarity lasts much longer for the people of Egypt. They will need it as this complicated period of transition takes place.