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It seems to me three of these ads will be almost ineffectual at best, and are more likely to be counterproductive.

I don’t think the first ad should offend anyone, but it seems very weak; a more positive message that actually says something would be more worthwhile.

The second ad strikes me as confrontational; it creates a black-and-white rift, and suggests that one must prepare to defend one’s beliefs. Many people seek harmony, not controversy.

I like the two FFRF ads; they are positive and appealing.

The fifth ad will probably be offensive to many, partly because of the popular misconception of what the word “myth” means, and partly because of the arrogance of telling people what they “KNOW”. And there’s no Christmas spirit there at all - and by that I mean peace, love, and good will toward others.

FFRF is cool, but the others should rethink their purpose, and look for ways to promote harmony and beauty in life.