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In our current world, we can no longer afford tolerance for beliefs based on faith unsubstantiated by evidence and held often in the face of contrary evidence.

If you act on beliefs that do not track reality and fail to act on those that do, catastrophe is the result. Whether it's the Roman Catholic Church sabotaging AIDS prevention campaigns in Africa by preaching against condom use, or government cutting funding to upgrade the levees in New Orleans pre-Katrina or denial of climate change or faith based bigotry leading to the mistreatment, unnecessary suffering and suicides of Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgendered youth. Not to mention the faith based brutalizing and denigration of women.

It Has Got To Stop.

If the secularizing movements are to be faulted for anything, it's their rather belated, overly polite and tepid pushback against this incessant barrage of cretinous faith based ignominy.

Thanks to the enlightenment and the onset of science secular humanism and the rule of law we graduated from "you may believe what we tell you to or suffer torture or death" which held sway at the height of ecclesiastical power in Europe (and still does under Islam) to "you may believe what ever you wish".

If humanity is to progress we must now evolve to "The strength of your belief must vary with the likelihood of it being true and the quality of the evidence that supports it".