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“that God will turn away the plagues from us, ...."

This prayer is passive voice. We have to face that we brought this plague upon ourselves. I have been grieving for years at the decline in our regard for our civil society. The vilifying our state's role to protect the many weak from the few powerful has been going on for a long time, and many of us have haplessly gone along with it, including "Christian" Church leaders.

Of course, the few powerful, such as leading shareholders of Oil companies, were behind the megaphones used to poison the minds of many weak, who now find themselves "victims" of this disaster and others that we face now. It is heart wrenching to hear from friends now about what they are only now realizing has already happened to their homes and ways of life on the Gulf coast. But, they should have seen it coming years ago based on the choices being made by our fellow voters. It was only a matter of time before our environment and ecology would be destroyed by the Egomania of these proto-Callicles characters amongst us who despise democratic institutions. Calllicles was behind the execution of Socrates, according to Plato. We mustn't forget how offended he was by the idea of the Demos subjugating his "personal liberty" as a tough guy!

Spinoza said our "social constructions" like the Demos, Magna Carta or eventually the US constitution are reflections of our collective divinity. We know what we have to do to correct this situation. We knew before. We did it in the 1900s to improve life immeasurably for Americans. We'd better do it again, or face more degradation of more than the Gulf Coast.