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I'm alarmed, but also discouraged, and not active enough, although I've focused my giving on environmental issues because, although there are a multitude of worthy causes out there, I believe that "If Mamma ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy." If the peoples of this world don't wake up to the fact that we are not separate from Our Mother, but are made of her, eat her, drink her, breathe her, every moment, and that all living things are connected through her, and that she, too, is alive in a very real sense . . . then we're on the "endangered species list." So . . . I'd like to see my grandchildren have "miino biimaadziiwin"--good life, as the Ojibwa people say--but I wonder, with "mountaintop removal" desecrating my native hills, if they will even know the same old homestead I'm trying to keep for them.