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I am a faithful reader of your blog and had pointed out your post to our staff as an illustration of the impact of Dr. Sternberg's studies and her new book in various milieus that we don't typically imagine. Although not entirely unexpected in the context of Landscape+Urbanism, a fair number of the higher profile blogs and magazines devoted to design, architecture, and landscape architecture rarely touch on these ideas in such a grounded, practical, and thoughtful way.

I found it refreshing to read about your concern, as a designer, for the human element -- on actually improving a person's convalescence or the general state of people's physiological welfare through conscientious, informed planning and design. When we're evaluating whether to have guest on for a repeat appearance on our public radio program, understanding the broader appeal of a new book by Dr. Sternberg gives us a fresh perspective, another angle, new ground to cover that might not simply retrace where we've gone before. Cheers.