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Interesting. I thought it was obvious that EVERYTHING is a process! Evolution continues, in science, in religion, in the cosmos itself. Religions and religious people may TRY to establish and maintain sets of beliefs, but they WILL change as cultures evolve. I agree with Rickbuds that we have too long associated religion and spirituality--these are VERY different parts of life. Atheists have spiritual lives, even if they don't use that term, because they experience profound wonder, joy, connection, and transcendence. These spiritual experiences are universal, regardless of religion or lack thereof. For me, revelations from science are a deep source of spiritual renewal. How could I understand the context and implications of the Ultra Deep Field image and NOT be moved spiritually? How could I appreciate the chemical connections between me and every creature that ever lived on earth and not experience spiritual depth? Spirituality and religion are distant cousins at best, and for me spirituality is more about folding laundry or lying on the ground than it is about religion or the supernatural.