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I concur. This is well stated. I believe in the origin of the Universe as coming from one place. In the Bible the angels of God (before Satan and 1/3 fell) gathered around the Throne of God. There was nothing in our plane of existence - the physical world. God and the angels are spirit, eternal. The universe we know was barren, empty - just space. The angels, created by God, joined together - led by their chief musician Lucifer - they worshiped God. The Cherubim (special angels that are always before God worshiping/honoring God) flew back and forth before the Throne crying "Holy (perfect), Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty". The host of angels (millions, perhaps billions) joined in with the cherubim in unity. A cloud of glory (bright shining radiant cloud - probably the Holy Spirit of God holding all power to create - the Cloud that led ted the Israelite s out of Egypt) appeared Then the Son of God stepped into the cloud of ultimate power and spoke all we call the physical universe into existence.

The point is, God had a starter point probably. Some Scientists call it the big bang, claiming only gasses and dust spread out to form planets, solar systems, etc.Instead of big bang I call it big Creation. The Word became flesh to save Adam's race from separation from the Creator due to disobedience. The Word was called Jesus, Jeshua. The only thing Jesus created Hands on, not spoken into existence and formed by the Holy Spirit, was Adam and Eve - from the dust of the earth. Then He breathed His eternal life into the body formed and life for Adam's race began. Even the angels were spoken into existence, man was to be in the Image of God and was godlike in nature. Rebellion and not taking responsibility for actions - blaming mate and God - separated them from God but God quickly promised He would send the Savior, Himself.

Intelligent design is reflected all through creation, especially in DNA. Some add more and more billions of years to the equation to justify their thinking all life came from nothing. Others look to ET. Are there extra-terrestrials? Big universe but a balanced one that sets up earth to have and sustain life. Much we do not know. This I know, in the beginning -God. That you can count on. Everything is held together by His existence and will - look at atoms with electrons flying near the speed of light, yet never leave the shells of orbit without much help. We are so smart yet there is so much we don't know!