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First of all, it's a not necessarily a question of science and religion, but science and spirituality. Religions consist of dogma and ideologies wrapped around and therefore obscure the important common spiritual core found within all religions and philosophies. Over the years there have been a number of prominent physicists and members of the spiritual community who have pointed out where science and spirituality can and do co-exist, as well as reinforce one another through the knowledge of quantum physics. From the physicists' perspective, all forms of matter, broken down past the atomic and sub-atomic particles, are simply nothing more than energy. From the spiritual perspective, this energy is intelligent, conscious energy that is also referred to as consciousness or spirit. This somewhat correlates with the Big Bang theory when there was no time or space until the conscious 'I' wished to know itself experientially, and so the statement, 'I am', generated the start of the space/time continuum, which lends to are relative human experience.