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Dear Mo,

High heels, pantyhose and thong underwear are equally oppressive to women, yet social pressure forces so many women to suffer in them to get outside approval and feel good about themselves. This girl is obviously happy about keeping her faith alive and expressing her individuality. That is what we are celebrating. I wear the hijab and so do my friends. I have yet met any person in the US that are "forced" to wear it. In Muslim countries, it is also the same. Go to Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, Turkey, etc. There are many women who do not cover by choice, and women who cover by choice. Even in Saudi, I have seen many Saudi women who do not wear the hijab. Perhaps only Afghanistan under the Taliban was the exception, but we know that was not a form of real Islam. While perhaps a small minority of Muslim women are forced to wear hijab, the opposite is more true, those who feel they cannot wear it because they will miss opportunities to study, work and feel accepted. France and Turkey are the prime examples, but it is also true in the US. Job opportunities are much harder to come by for a practicing Muslim woman. Is that not oppression and against the freedom of religion? You should know that the majority of Muslim women who wear the hijab do not consider the hijab oppressive, it's only those who don't wear it who have this opinion.