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Thanks to Phillip for sharing his Days with his Father. I will try to remember to show it to my Mother, for Edward reminds me a bit of her late husband who died recently, even though he didn't have dementia, he was failing with ALS, trying to keep his humor and wanting to keep caring for his wife & daughter though they had to be caring for him. And he reminds me of my mom's father who died of Alzheimers years ago, but kept trying to do his pastoral work right up until his death. He never could understand why it was no longer okay for him to do visitation rounds in the nursing home, for surely that must be why he was there. His last sermon was about 10 minutes long spontaneous monologue at a family gathering that was basically a word salad, yet his non-verbal communication was so powerful that it was like he was shining from within. Everyone in the room was moved to tears - I think it was his best sermon ever, because he held nothing back from it.