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I feel the statement during Sunday's broadcast regarding how one must consider "the works of God" and "the word of God"when considering if religion and evolution are mutually exclusive. Human beings, religion, and the subject of evolution are part of human history and present day human conscious. This seems to say to me that religion and evolution are connected in the same way man and religion are connected and the science of evolution to man. I feel the way to look at this idea of religion from an evolutionary perspectiveis an interesting subject. But is looking back useful and time well spent? Is there a disscusion to be had about the evolution of religion? Whether or not evolution is useful in religion or vice versa might depend on how complicated a person wants to think and discuss. Religion and science are products of endeavors of a creative adaptive species. Do you doubt we were made from anything less? People want to believe Genisis where it is indicated that man was made in the image of the Creator, God. Whatever the intricate process is going on human beings are here, adapting and impacting the world. We have come far. Are we not still evolving, and still trying to have faith? It seems to me it is all part of the same equation.
"The miracle of creation is the same miracle whether it took 7 days or several thounsand years..." Anna to the King of Siam in the "KIng and I.