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If God works through evolving manifestations of life as Darwin theorized in The Origin of Species and Assent of Man, it is logical to hypothesize that same creator’s living religion works through evolving manifestations of faith and acknowledgment.

There is evidence of such a pattern. The surviving religions stand upon the dust of dead religions carrying evidence of inherited traits gained and lost, and even transitional fossils found in print and artifact. Perhaps Darwin gave more evidence supporting the existence of God then challenging it.

As humans develop methods to define their environment they are increasingly defining the selective pressures on survival, and perhaps unwittingly what will survive. Just as the natural world Darwin studied is fast succumbing to new pressures on fitness from modern humans, religion is fast succumbing to new pressures on fitness from similarly artificial (human made) environmental changes.

An example of that artificial (human made) pressure is the widespread controversy about evolution. We would not hear of Darwin’s theory unless someone profited from it. Those with the power to inform and would attempt to justify their status determine what we know about Darwin in large measure. If you are the biggest bully, one might shade the message “the biggest bully wins.” If controversy sells your product the science against religion battle is worth sensationalizing. If strong faith is sold as an escape from the confusion caused by doubt you ask; “You don’t believe humans descended from monkeys do you?”

The fact that people of faith in god continue to survive is by corollary evidence that there is a selective advantage to that trait, or at least expressions of that trait that they have faith in god. Carl Rove did not believe in God, and used the appearance of belief to great selective advantage in political election campaigns. People unaware of Carl’s inability to believe the existence of god gave thanks to their god for Carl, and Carl’s strength of faith to see god’s will was done. Both Carl and the believers may have benefited, even though a parallel for the relationship might be a parasite and host, with a little symbiosis thrown in.

Parasites are not often considered in religious accounts of creation. Darwin’s Origin of Species followed suit. We know there are a greater number of and diversity in parasites than free-living organisms. It occurs to me that the controversy between created, and evolved serves the same masters of manipulation that thrive as parasites. They are not free living, and require a susceptible host to feed on. Possibly parasitic control of the host has evolved to the degree we see now because the selective pressure is primarily artificial (human made).

Often we find controversies produce larger titles then facts to support them. As in this short poem entitled “Ode to the Antiquity, and Ubiquity of the Parasitic Living Microscopic Entity,” that simply reads; “Adam had them.” I suspect the evolution creation debate is unfit for survival. I’ll watch for the emerging species.