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You talk as if evolution is something new and only connected to life. It's called change. This has happened from day one regardless of when you think that day began. All systems on earth and in the heavens are going through change. Whether living in the form of a "tree of life" or in the change of one item to another IE carbon to diamond. Evolution is what we call this process of change. Some of those changes are very quick and happen in a reletively short time. Others happen over many eons and can only be seen when we look backwards. The question is how do we apply this learning forward? Religion is no different. We need to take the learnings from the past and play them forward. What does religion tell us about the human being, his capacities and his life? How do we apply those to our life and the lives of those in which we interact? This has been the struggle of all religions in how do they stay current to the changing world. Thus the need to be reborn or have a revival of spirit or any number of ways that each religion has gone through.

Most see or think of religions as seperate and distinct. I see religions as one and the same. The earlier religions are just earlier chapters in the same book of life. As you read a book, you don't forget what came before you but you use the information and knowledge to build a better understanding of where the future chapters may take you. Let's look back but not to use the information as a divider of the human race but as a uniter of where we are going. Our capacities for both knowledge and understanding are increasing. What history is telling us is the lesson. How we use that knowledge is what the lesson is about.

The earliler religions have taught us to believe in only one God, the elimination of self and ego, to love our brother as ourselves, to want more for our brothers than ourselves and to think of the earth as one country and mankind its citizens. How do we use these lessons for the good of humanity today? How do we incorporate these into our every day life? That to me is evolution. Me changing from what I was to what I can become. Mankind becoming better as a whole than the sum of its parts.

Evolution is the tool that tells us what changes happened. Don't read into it more than what is necessary for us to understand. Does it matter to me, my friends and family that we came from monkeys or were created by a Supreme Being in a day or that I know how to treat, respect and love them as my brothers and sisters. Many say that is the basis of religion and Faith. So believe what you believe but don't let it become a barrier between you and anyone else. The reason behind this is that we just simply do not know at this time. We are trying to interpret data that we have no clue about. I see this issue as the painting trying to understand why the painter used a particular color or brush stroke. We cannot understand the unknowable essence that is God. We can only know Him through His words that have been given to us from the beginning. Read and understand the entire book not just one chapter in it. Know with your own knowledge. As we change, evolve and expand our understanding, then will we be able to reconcile the differences between science and religion. Now is not the time so let us look at the things we can affect. Global warming, war, education, hunger, love, peace, brotherhood, family, and prosperity to mention but a few. Let us work together on things that we can change. Let us together build a better future for all of mankind.