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Yes, facts are facts. Facts are neutral. It is in the interpreting of these facts that mistakes are made. Just because we think we understand something does not make it true. One thousand years ago we thought the sun revolved around the earth. Five hundred years ago the earth was flat. These were accepted facts for that age. No longer true. Fact, the earth is several billion years old. Religion, the earth was created in seven days. Seems to be a problem. The paradox is that both have to be right and are right. Let's look at what we were supposed to learn from the example and not nit pick how it was taught to us. If we look back at what our first grade teacher taught us, we could find several things we wish they would have explained differently but that does not change the fact that we still learned the lesson. In hind sight, we would have explained it differently but we are using our knowledge and today's understanding because we know what the outcome is supposed to be. If we apply this to the earlier religions, then the understanding of the people being taught is much different than our understanding today. How would you explain a cell phone call to someone in Jesus' day? Can we even comprehend how communications will be done 2000 years from now? The same difference. Religion like everything else is changing. Our understanding of religion needs to change to keep pace with the lessons being taught. Religion is a journey not a destination. Just because I say I am this or that does not make me either. It is my continued effort to mirrow forth the qualities of that religion in my daily life and in the life of those around me. My job is to acquire and manifest the qualities of God as taught to me by all of the books. Not just one book but all because they represent the totality of His teachings. Whether you know you are on the path or not does not change the reality that you are on the path.

If what we all are saying is that everything evolves then why must religion or anything else for that matter be outside of this process? Our job is to investigate religion as we would anything else. To find what are the lessons to be learned and then to apply those lessons to our lives. It seems so simple because it is. What happens is that we stop looking when we think we have found the end the best and the most complete. But does not evolution and change by definition mean that there is no end? That change is a continual process? The emphasis is that we stop looking. We find what we want to find to support the facts we have or the facts as given by someone else. Have you ever read a book then reread it again later and gleaned a better understanding of it? Has the book changed? As our knowledge and understanding of everything changes, we need to continually look back and reinterpret the past understandings and facts from our new point of reference. Yet this is not often done with religion. What happens when our new understanding contradicts or is at odds with our old point of view or what we are hearing in the churches, synagoges and temples in which we worship? How, to whom and where do we go to reconcile these differences? I contend that we do not look for the answers because we are content with our lives. It is easier to forgo our search for truth and listen to another then come face to face with these challenges. These challenges force us to look at the reality that we are spiritual beings trying to be material not material beings trying to be spiritual. "Noble I created thee, why do thou abase thyself?" We have a higher nature to live up to and that is not always easy. But, I know that as a united humanity we can overcome any and all barriers and obsticles in our path. What we know as fact today will change over time as our understanding of the world evolves. We must not stick with our outdated modes of thought and understanding. The human race is one, the world is one. We rise and fall together. It is not a race or competition where I win and you lose but a new model where when you or I win we all benefit and prosper. As I said before, I am my brothers keeper. My duty is to be a cause of healing for every sick one, a comforter for every sorrowing one, a pleasant water for every thirsty one, a heavenly table for every hungry one, a star to every horizon, a light for every lamp, a herald to everyone who yearns for the kingdom of God. This is to what I aspire.

Am I perfect, NO not even close. But everyday, step by step I try to reach this goal. To me religion and Faith are the foundation on which I build. There are other points of view but they have not convinced me that they have the answers for which I am looking. Yes, I have my facts to which I am trying to find answers to fit but I am open to changing if what I find does not fit or proves me wrong. To do otherwise would not allow me to change and grow. That is one of the greatest strengths of humanity.